At Instant Lawyer, we don’t simply connect Ontario residents with Ontario lawyers, but we also strongly believe in the importance of public, free access Canadian legal education. The following animated videos below are part of our exclusive Canadian Law Original Series. Watch the videos below to learn about the practical applications of law. Videos include:

What should you do if a commercial lease agreement has been breached?
What can I get for a car accident injury claim?
How to initiate a lawsuit at the Ontario Small Claims Court
What to do if you’re facing a criminal charge or under a police investigation
Top 10 Things To Do After A Car Accident
What to keep in mind if you’ve been denied long-term disability?
How Demand Letters Can Be A Useful First Step To Resolving A Dispute
Have you been sued? Here’s what to do next if you’ve been served with a claim
Hit by a car as a cyclist or pedestrian? You’re still entitled to benefits
What To Do Before Contacting (Or Meeting) A Lawyer
Steps of a Lawsuit

We are continuously producing new videos, so check back often. If you have any suggestions for topics we should cover, please contact us!