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Insurance Defence

If someone has filed a lawsuit against you, you may be able to have your insurance company defend the claim, if it is within your policy coverage. Whether or not a matter is covered under your insurance policy is often not black and white. If your insurance company refuses to defend you, you may be able to dispute that determination. If you were driving a car without insurance and injured another person and are now being sued, you need to take steps to defend the action right away. A failure to defend an action can result in default judgment being made against you, and your assets and wages can be garnished as a result.

Were you sued?

If you were sued, speak to a lawyer at Instant Lawyer for free. Start taking steps to protect yourself and defend against claims made at an early stage. It will be more cost effective in the long-run if you deal with the matter before steps are taken against you.

Property Loss or Property Damage

If your insurance company is refusing to fund your property damage claim or loss of property, a lawyer can help you fight that decision. Is your insurance company not fairly compensating you? If so, a lawyer can help you negotiate fair compensation for your losses.

Business Interruption

Did you purchase business interruption insurance? If you did, and now your insurance company is refusing to pay out your claim, speak to a lawyer at Instant Lawyer right away. There are deadlines to pursue a claim, and you don’t want to miss those deadlines.

Personal Injury Claims

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Long-Term Disability Claim Denials

Learn more about LTD claims and denials here.

What to do before contacting a lawyer

Have a copy of your insurance policy handy, along with any letters, e-mails or other correspondence from your insurance company. Your lawyer will want to review this with you.